The persona Workshop

We offer persona Knowledge, Skills & Facilitation on three levels:
Awareness masterclass 
(2 hours), Hands-on work session (2 days), Long term programme (some month).

persona as a craft

What is the need in the 21st century for craftsmanship?  The need to build something with respect, research and knowledge. We see a great need to look into our digital agile VUCA world from a craft perspective to make the best instruments for the best players

Think about the violin workshop of Stradivari, Amati or Guarnieri, organised by the master, journeyman, and apprentice with the knowledge of the materials, the magic of the recipes and the experience with demanding musicians and their audience. And how Stradivari would extend his skills with chatGPT and modern digital instruments.

The Craft of the violin workshop of, for example Stradivari, is an inspiration for the human centered design and crafting personas.

 Well, in this spirit, we at The Persona Workshop are approaching
research, creation and use of personas as a craft we offer you.

clients we worked with

Clients we worked for: University of Twente, De Efteling, Vlisco, De Recgtspraak, Vodafone Ziggo, NIBE-SVV, Hekwerk, alliander, Allsecur, Olsen Fashion, DEPT Fashion, Sandwich Fashion, aramco, Veldhoven Group Fashion, Sennheiser, Turnover, Essent.

We offer experience, knowledge and skills of more than 20 years with persona research, design and usage. 

We have realised various persona projects from a two-hour awareness masterclass for managers to a 2-day work session for the inner circle and to a complete research-driven persona programme of about a few month.

Three options

awareness masterclass

of about two hours, for managers and everyone in your team

Join us for an awareness masterclass of 2 hours about what personas are, what different kinds of personas exist, and what it takes to make them, maintain them and use them. And what management, communication, service design, and branding should know about personas to make them valuable instruments in creating meaningful experiences for your eomployees, partners and clients.
... more about the Awareness Masterclass

2-Day Hands-on Work Session

two full days, for persona owner and inner circle

Join us for a 2-day hands-on work session to find patterns, learn about and make segmentation decisions and create the first personas. You should have done some research yourself, and client-facing colleagues should join the session.
... more about the 2-Day Hands-on Work Session

Persona Programme

this will take some time, if you want to use personas on a strategic level

Start a research-driven persona programme together. Think about the impact the persons will have, who should work with personas, and what a persona life cycle would be to update them regularly. Connect the programme with other human-centred design activities (Design Thinking, Service Design), Branding and Communication that should benefit from the personas.
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