Long term Persona programme

Why should you invest in a systemic and systematic approach of working with personas?

persona programme using personas, customer journey and ideation

The benefits of working systematically with personas across disciplines are saving time, preventing group thinking, showing transparent data storytelling, strategic decision making and effective and efficient maintaining of 'the voice or better the behaviour of your customer'.

To make this work, it needs a step-by-step systemic and systematic approach that is transparent and research-based. And it is an excellent opportunity for the organisation not to outsource persona creation but to make them a central point for service design, branding and communication. 

We start a research-driven persona programme together. Think about the impact the persons will have, who should work with personas, and what a persona life cycle would be to update them regularly. Connect the programme with other human-centred design activities (Design Thinking, Service Design), Branding and Communication that should benefit from the personas.

Iterate and quickly start using them, making better products and services while keeping the personas and their journeys updated based on the research. The Persona Workshop team takes you by the hand, shows, and facilitates your learning journey with persona. We step back where you already have skills and knowledge and step in where you need support to make it work.

example of A possible programme

You will learn how to create personas and use them meaningfully in your organisation. We will teach you methods and tools to develop personas based on internal and external information and make them worthwhile.

Programme phases

0 - Starting up

Internal kick-off, including sharing what we have and know—planning of the workshops, research and workload for the organisation. Decide who will own the personas and the inner circle responsible for updating and explaining how to work with them.

We start with a 2-hour Persona Awareness and Knowledge Workshop for managers to understand the principles and support the approach. Questions and discussions will be input for the small persona team (Inner Circle).

1 - Research and Design

In the research phase, we will do several workshops (segmentation, creation) based on a research of roughly 20 interviews (Qualitative research). Quantitative research data will also be input, if available. The Persona Workshop team can do these interviews with the inner circle to facilitate the learning of the internal team on how to research.

In the parallel design phase, we craft the proper wording and layout of the persona posters. Every Workshop will iterate the personas from version 0.1 (Quick Profile) to version 0.8, including updating text, pictures and design. The Persona Workshop team can update these with the internal design team to facilitate the learning.

2 - Getting life, using and validating

The iterative approach, together with short presentations, allows using the 0.x versions right away, e.g. in a design sprint and getting extra info, validation and acceptance.
After the iterations and life testing in the project and validation with data, the persona will be a version 1.0 and are ready to share them with the management and the rest of the organisation.
Instructions onhow to work with personas, material, role play, and impro theatre can be a part of the 'presentation show'. Here is the link with the different departments like branding, marketing, service design and development.

3 - Maintaining and Co-creating

This should be accompanied by a digital platform to download the latest version of the personas and give feedback from situations where new or different insights can be shared with the inner circle team to include them (or not) in the next iteration of the personas. This can be done twice a year at certain moments.

After that phase, The Persona Workshop Team is fading out and is approachable for coaching on demand.

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