The persona
Awareness Masterclass

If you want to work with personas in your organisation, everybody who works with them must understand what they stand for, how they are created, when to use them and how to work with them.

Cheif Design Officer Christof Zürn during a human centered persona masterclass in the Design Thinking Center in Amsterdam

Who is your audience? What is the difference between a target group and a persona? What role do personas play in human-centred design, branding and communication? 

What is a Quick Profile? What is the difference between an Aspirational Persona and a Reality Persona? What are a Buyer-Persona, Employee Persona, Citizen Persona, Future Persona and Anti-Persona? Do we all nedd this? 

How many personas do we need? How often do we have to update them? What are essential attributes a persona must have? 

In this two-hour interactive masterclass, you learn how to save time using personas and how to research, develop, design and use them effectively. Get introduced in persona cases and what made them work and what not.

At the end of the session we collect the most important actions that you can take to start with persona thinking.

Please drop us a note via the form below, share your purpose, date, place and number of participants and we will send you an offer.  

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