2-Day Hands-on
persona work session

Join us for a 2-day hands-on work session
find patterns, learn about segmentation decisions and create the first personas.

"Personas are detailed archetypal descriptions of typical members of a target group. A persona is the presentation and translation of all kinds of data, facts and information into a practical format."

Personas are the essence of your customer knowledge. Personas can represent prototypical customers, users, and prospects. The instrument "persona" is used by most successful and customer-oriented companies worldwide. 

Especially in cross-departmental projects, personas help to convey a typical picture of your customers. Personas are tangible translations of customer and buyer groups' data and information. By comprehensively describing and characterising your target persona, it becomes easier to look at the desired customer experiences from their perspective. This creates empathy without bias. Personas support strategic and conceptual design decisions. 

The aim of the Work Session

 You will learn how to create personas and use them meaningfully in your organisation. We will teach you methods and tools to develop personas based on internal and external information and data and make them worthwhile.



Because personas should be based on facts, approximately 4 weeks before the work session we will have a 1-hour briefing and instruction session, how to do research by jourself, ask the right questions and how to collect the outcomes. With this information collected by you we start the work sessions.

Day 1

  • Short persona masterclass
  • How to work with personas in Service Design, Branding and Communication
  • Research wall findings and context
  • Segmentation strategies
  • Attributes and Key Differentiators
  • Clusters and Mood boards

Day 2

  • Reflection and insights
  • Persona Core Poster version 0.1 / Quick Profile
  • Presentation, Scenario storming, 'Impro Theatre'
  • Insights, change, amendments, iterations
  • Persona Core Poster version 0.2
  • Discussion, tips and actions to create a version 1.0
  • Next steps and plan Review / Q&A online session

4 weeks after the work session we will have an online call to reflect and answer your questions.

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